Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Apple Seeds

I wasn't planning on writing tonight. We spent the first half of the day running errands, met a friend for lunch, came home, put everything away and did some painting, and from there it became a very lazy day. I was tired. My two-year-old never napped and throughout the day, uncharacteristically, made at least six big potty, paint, or food messes. I planned on making it through the afternoon and then envisioned the little one asleep by six (the lack of nap paying off) and the bigger one out an hour later; I'd have a little time to myself and hit the sack not far behind them. In that hour of time I had alone with my four-year-old great things happened and that is why I'm taking a few moments to write. I feel encouraged and that's worth making a note of and remembering.

We read a couple of books and then started reading some rhymes. One was about a "spike of green," that "no one else had ever seen," a newly sprouted seed. Luke asked if we could plant some seeds. I replied that yes we could, in the spring and explained that fall was not a good time for new seeds. He then had the grand idea that we should plant some in a cup in the house to avoid the cooler weather. I told him he was very smart, yawned and leaned back into the couch, and added that we could do that "sometime soon; I don't have any seeds right now." He was quiet for a minute and then said, "we could cut up an apple and get seeds." I was comfortable, lazy, tired, and had not had any intention of doing anything but how could I resist that? So, we had this wonderful evening learning activity. We cut up the apple, found the seeds, found some good dirt, and then researched growing apple seeds. We found out our seeds won't be ready for dirt for about a month and set them on the window sill to dry. The kid wants to learn and his brain is working well! I'm encouraged!

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  1. That is so sweet! See, this is why kids are so much fun. :)